VIA is a full-service architecture and planning firm.  From small residential renovations to large municipal and commercial projects to campus master plans, our experience is extensive. Every project is different, and we tailor our design process to specifically meet the needs of each client.

From the onset of a project, we collaborate with our clients, users, other stakeholders, local professionals, and craftspeople to establish realistic goals for every project and to develop design solutions that effectively realize those goals. This approach delivers the best value for our clients while yielding beautiful and functional results.


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We provide architectural design services for new buildings, renovations, and additions. We are structured to tackle large projects from idea through occupancy. Yet, we also take on several small, conceptual projects in an attempt to make good design accessible
to all.


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Academic and business campuses are constantly changing and the associated facilities need to adapt to these changes, including: organizational growth, economics, and energy costs. Our Sustainable Master Plans are like roadmaps. They chart a course from the present to some intended future destination with milestones along the way. Sometimes there are detours, and any planning we do must be flexible enough to accommodate such changes.


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Whether it’s an individual building or an entire campus, we can evaluate the energy performance of existing buildings and new buildings; help define realistic goals for energy efficiency moving forward; and propose strategies for doing so. We also provide cost-benefit and payback data to allow our clients to make well-informed decisions about proceeding forward.  We believe that good design always maximizes building energy performance.


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We live in a place with great historic treasures. Preserving these buildings and giving them new life gives us great pleasure. Whether the building is an old farmhouse or a 19th century municipal building, we will work with individuals, communities, and businesses to navigate Historic Preservation guidelines and requirements and to make sure tax incentives and credits are realized. We do believe that the greenest building of all is often not a new building, but the one you refurbish.


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Andrea, Ashar, Jean, and Megan are LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals. They have successfully administered the LEED Certification process and often use LEED standards as guidelines for defining resource efficiency goals for their projects. To learn more about LEED certification, visit


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We are native Vermont architects who have a deep understanding and love of the Vermont landscape. Landscape design is integral to our process and we have spent our careers working to design both interior and exterior spaces that enhance and foster appreciation for our landscape.


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During the design process a building project will develop its own language or character. We often work with our clients to design interior spaces that re-enforce that character. In addition, we have designed interior spaces for existing buildings that are representative of our clients’ needs, uses, and values.


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We are a well-organized team with experience managing multi-million dollar projects. Whether
or not we are the project designers, we can help you organize, schedule, and integrate the many components of a complex project.


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When your project is just a seed of an idea, and when there are many users and stakeholders involves, it can be helpful to hold a Charrette, or constructive brainstorming session. A Charrette helps all involved and other outside experts and consultants uncover useful ideas, and even hurdles, at the very onset of a project. A Charrette is also a way to unify all parties and stakeholders about the direction of a project.


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Our process of design and management is all about collaboration or integration. We believe whole-heartedly that the collective wisdom of our clients, our consultants, and our staff is incredibly powerful and greater than that of any single individual. Being able to carefully integrate disciplines and work with a variety of people to achieve a single goal is the key. We often help committees, boards, and other organizations develop strategies for collaboration on building projects.