UVM Health Network

Porter Medical Center

Middlebury, VT | 2012-Present

Since late 2012, VIA has worked extensively with Porter Medical Center (PMC) on various projects at the hospital, in satellite offices, and at Helen Porter Nursing Home. With a broad and expanding understanding of the PMC facility and its staff, VIA has worked on over twenty projects of various sizes and complexities. Our first project, a review and update of PMC’s life safety programs, provided us with an understanding of the facility as a whole, as well as some of the challenges presented by some of the buildings. Since then, we have developed a process to quickly evaluate and design capital projects, producing quick studies to evaluate ideas for improved use of existing spaces (various practices, pharmacy, gift shop, endoscopy unit, and more). We have also designed and managed larger renovations to the lab and emergency department, converted existing space into an urgent care facility, and are currently working on the restoration of the 1925 building’s historic entrance as one of the primary, accessible entry points to PMC.

Images by Oliver Parini