St. Albans State Office Building

St. Albans, VT | 2013-2014

VIA was hired by ReArch Company, developer and builder, to design an office building in St. Albans to house Department of Health and Human Services functions for the State of Vermont. The project is a four-story, 45,136 square foot office building located on Federal Street between Kingman and Lake Streets. The building is designed to respect the historic downtown district and surrounding buildings, while also demonstrating what it means to be a building of its own time that will sustain for many years to come. The building is primarily brick with accents of glass storefront at the street and top floor levels as well as some metal panel to reduce the apparent mass of the building. Mechanical equipment and a mechanical penthouse sit on the east end of the roof, set back and not visible from the Federal Street façade. Principles of sustainability employed in the building, include: use of local materials such as Vermont brick; use of high-recycled content structural steel; a well-insulated envelope, minimizing thermal bridging; and efficient building mechanical systems with energy recovery technology. Construction was completed in early 2015.

Construction by ReArch Company

Images by Sally McCay and Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C.