Shelburne Pierson Library Center

Shelburne, VT | 2016

In the summer of 2016, VIA began working with the Pierson Library Steering Committee and the Town of Shelburne to design options for a new library. The much-loved and well-used Pierson Library currently operates from an inadequate and aging space attached to the rear of the historic Town Hall. The proposed new library is a modern facility that meets the present and future needs of a vibrant and growing Town of Shelburne. In order to remain vital community centers, 21st century libraries must cater to a wide variety of constituents, provide spaces for the growing use of technology, and be flexible enough to accommodate future uses not yet imagined. VIA’s plan for the new library creates an accessible and relevant community center for the residents of Shelburne.  VIA’s interns built a model of the proposed library center to offer a more tangible perspective on the project prior to the bond vote, which passed in November 2017.  Design work has begun in earnest for construction anticipated in the summer of 2018.

Images by Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C.