Middlebury Police Station

Middlebury, VT | 2004

[With Bread Loaf Corporation]

Ashar Nelson was the Project Architect for the new 7,620 square foot building, sited at the former wastewater treatment plant in Middlebury. The design satisfies the complex police program requirements with a clear floor plan and a simple form. The exterior material, scale and massing of the structure reflect the civic nature of the building while welcoming visitors and harmonizing with the surrounding neighborhood. The main entry, lobby and public meeting room are oriented to the primary approach from town. Conversely, operations and secure functions are located toward the rear of the facility.

Ashar worked with Town Officials, representatives from the Police Department and the community to design an effective, affordable, and energy-efficient building that meets the current needs of the force and will continue to do so for years to come

Photos by Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C.