Kalkin Hall Proposal – University of Vermont

Burlington, VT | 2013

In December 2013 VIA submitted a proposal for design services for the additions and renovations to The University of Vermont’s (UVM’s) Kalkin Hall.

Kalkin Hall houses the School of Business Administration (BSAD), which does not have adequate space to house current and expanding programs. UVM’s BSAD is rapidly rising in rankings among graduate business schools for its innovative approach to experiential learning and focus on sustainable business practice. To better serve its students, anticipated program growth, and the expanded graduate Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA program, UVM anticipated adding approximately 21,750 gross square feet to Kalkin Hall. The expansion was to be accommodated primarily within the existing courtyard of Kalkin Hall adjacent to Votey Hall on multiple levels.

While we were not ultimately selected for the project, we certainly had a lot of fun developing some conceptual design options for the project. Enjoy!

Images by Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C.