Health Care and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont (HCRS)

Springfield, VT | 2007

[With Bread Loaf Corporation]

HCRS is a multi-faceted, non-profit, community mental health agency with major programs in mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities – serving over 5000 Vermonters each year. For several years, HCRS had been offering services in several small buildings throughout Windham and Windsor counties.  The facilities were dilapidated, not easily accessible, and did not support a vibrant working and treatment culture. The charge was to bring these outposts together in one unified facility while being sensitive to individual department identities and client dependencies.

Andrea and Ashar worked as Lead Project Architects to design a new facility that is just over 30,000 square feet in area.  Their motto: “Healthy Building = Healthy People.”  The building incorporates local, natural materials, insists that all occupants have access to fresh air and natural light, and employs an extremely high-performance envelope and uses 48% less total energy than a typical building of its size.  On top of that, the building generates its own electricity with a 40 kW array of photovoltaic panels on its south-facing roofs.

Photos by Jim Westphalen