Family Retreat

Cornwall, VT | 2017-2018

For nearly two years, VIA has been working with a client on the design of a family retreat in Cornwall. With beautiful views of the Green Mountains, the property consists of a main house, a new guest house, an historic barn rebuilt for events, and landscape and other facility improvements.

The new guest house builds on the practical form of the Vermont vernacular farmhouse. Retaining the compact efficiency of form found in Vermont farmhouses, the home is zoned to take advantage of inspiring long views of the mountains and the subtle near views of the meadows and hedgerows. Each zone inside the home connects directly to exterior spaces with matching function.

Drawing inspiration from the Shakers’ attention to simple forms and elegant details, the interior lets the inherent beauty of natural materials speak for themselves.  A simple and open ‘great room’ serves as the social core of the house, while a variety of semi-public spaces provide a buffer to the quieter bedrooms. Dynamic natural light and sectional shifts provide cues to transitions inside the home, and a sense of discovery and play guides circulation and storage.


Construction by Smith & McClain

Images by Ryan Bent Photography